Like a Phoenix through the ashes (or something cliched)


Mixed Media, Acrylic, oil pen, marker, crayon and spray paint on rough plywood 24x24

"Like a Phoenix Through the Ashes: In this fiery creation, Brock McLaughlin channels the spirit of Basquiat with unbridled intensity. Illegible words, like cryptic secrets, lie buried beneath the flames, hinting at the turmoil within. The question echoes: 'Who do you carry that torch for, young man?' Is it a beacon of hope or a weapon of destruction? Amidst the chaos, a pair of Mickey Mouse hands in serene repose emerge, offering a paradoxical oasis of peace amidst the inferno. This piece ignites introspection, inviting viewers to ponder the juxtaposition of anger and tranquility, much like the phoenix's rise from its own ashes." 🔥🕊️